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Scrape off the ice, the dust, the thin layer of action what remains is desire firery, full rising enormous hard breath barreling across whatever road whatever path the wheels caress right now; dancing in light, the red light cast from … Continue reading

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Aqua Man

Sunk like a bathing stone in rumbling water green, undressed half formed in half dawn “What is this new trip you’re on?” Her words. Mine: “Watching the river, Florence. Watching the river, Flo.” She was never much impressed with me; … Continue reading

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Dr. Grey’s Prescription

Grey, shades of grey, tentacles of grey and the will to obey peel off with rain, with sun and fall to a fallow ground. Explosions of disrespect, of confetti anarchy and paperless revolutions swirl in tepid pools of occasional calm. … Continue reading

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Tantrum Mantra

Stutter skip across concrete wishful thinking turns patterns to random rows of wishes aligned in glorious gory details for dining and dealing and welcome to another doorway (yet another doorway!) where whispers slice hard at solace and comfort comes shimmering … Continue reading

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I am cactus root, sipping clouds through shifting stingy sands; I am cactus flesh, weathering winds and intractable time baked daily; I am cactus heart, beating juicy hard with intoxicant intentions lurking; I am cactus thorn pointing to brutal sky … Continue reading

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Diner Reflection

In this luxury melting among redolent icons on walls of vicious light, the meal is prepared, consumed, unmade and night parades its molecular darkness which some of us call magic – whether it was a coward who harnessed fire is … Continue reading

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